Classroom☆Crisis [8/10]

Classroom Crisis had a pretty rough start, I couldn’t really get into it initially. The story is VERY slow in the beginning but as it continues. The story and characters begin to development it gets easier to watch the episode and enjoy them. The character designs are really great and pleasing to look at (sort of similar to oreimo?). A big problem with Classroom Crisis was that it had a slow beginning and a fast ending (as in the ending was rushed). If it was slowed down there’s a chance for an emotional build up before the big save and it would have made the ending 10000x better. There were a lot of good story development that I wish was more elaborated, like the relationship between Iris and Nagisa for example. Also the other members of ATEC didn’t really get any back story so they felt more like consistent extras, which defeats the purpose of having a specific group of characters. At the final episode there were hints about a possible second season which I wouldn’t mind watching.

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