Tokyo Ghoul √A [10/10]

Well I really don’t know how to start the review for this….the ending left me speechless and really wanting more. Tokyo Ghoul √A picks off where season 1 ended, but what makes Tokyo Ghoul √A so peculiar is that the story actually goes in a different path than the manga does. In the manga Kaneki actually refuses to join Aogiri and stays with everyone but here he join Aogiri as a way to protect everyone from anymore harm. Although the beginning of the anime was very slow and the opening very VERY SLOW, I don’t think I really got off on the right foot on this season, but then the it started kicking in with the final fight scene and you can’t help but get really attached to these characters because of the way they are introduced to you and you CAN’T HELP BUT CRY ENDLESS TEARS OF PAIN AND MISERY FOR YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU HAVE MADE THROUGHOUT THIS STORY, *cough* I mean the character development is just so overwhelmingly powerful. Will there be a new season? I really hope I want to find out how this story goes and how it will end!

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