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Machikado Mazoku [Review]

Adapted from a 4-koma manga, Machikado Mazoku’s simple yet chaotic storyline never leaves a dull moment on the screen. The unique dynamic between a Demon Girl and her arch nemesis the Magical girl is an entertaining situation that’ll keep you laughing for hours on end! 

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Machikado Mazoku (First Impression)

“Awakening her dormant abilities as a devil one day, Yuuko Yoshida aka Shadow Mistress Yuuko, is entrusted with the mission to defeat the Light clan’s shrine maiden, a magical girl, by her ancestor Lilith. Yuuko meets magical girl Momo Chiyoda through her classmate Anri Sada, and challenges her to a duel, but loses quickly due to her lack of strength. Since then, Yuuko has struggled with her role as a devil and her duel with Momo, and borrowed help from her regularly. However, by a strange coincidence, Yuuko also weakens Momo by taking away her power to cooperate in protecting the peace of Tama city.” – MAL News

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