Monthly Archives: August 2018

Darling in the Franxx [Review]

Darling in the FranXX is your favorite horse at the derby that tripped and fell right before the finish line. The amazing world building, character development, and artwork al crushed because the second half lacked the attention the first did. That being said it’s still a decent show and should be watched to at least episode 15 (after that it’s your funeral).

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Yuragi-Sou no Yuuna-san (First Impression)

Fuyuzora Kogarashi, a young man who is also a spirit medium, finally finds a place to stay after being pretty much homeless for a while. As a child, he was often possessed by spirits which led to a variety of problem and causing him a lot of trouble. He finds himself at the Yuragi-Sou, a boarding house that also has a hot spring! The only problem is that it’s said to be haunted by someone who had died in the hot springs long ago. Turns out the spirit is Yuuna, young girl who just loves being at the springs and refuses to pass on to the afterlife. Can Kogarashi survive the living with Yuuna and the other tenants despite their crazy lifestyles? 

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I’m Back!!

I’m back everyone! Life has been catching up with me lately, with moving back to Missouri (from Florida) to finish out the rest of schooling, working, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and everything in between! Now that things are starting to settle down a bit, I’ll be a little more consistent with my posts! Thank you all for sticking around! Now let’s

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