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Dr. Stone [Review]

Dr. Stone does an almost impossible task by bridging both primitive and modern cultures in a show that is all about science and survival. With dynamic artwork and animation, a well developed cast and notable antagonist, Dr. Stone stands on top of the anime this season. 

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Fairy Gone [Review]

With a large world and many characters, Fairy Gone spans far too long and creates a rather complicated and drawn out story, despite having a well-rounded soundtrack. While the character designs and art look great, the use of CGI for certain elements breaks the immersion and creates awkward moments throughout.

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Radiant [Review]

Based on the French manga of the same name, Radiant took the anime community by storm with its exhilarating story and its lovable characters! Radiant is the making a name for itself with wonderful character development, a familiar yet new art style, and a world waiting to be explored. A highly underrated anime that deserves to be seen and known! With a second season already announced it’s time for you to marathon the first season and get ready for October 2019!

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