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Mahou Shoujo Site [Review]

While Mahou Shoujo Site is something we need more of, the execution could’ve been better. The great dark magical girl theme and the soundtrack is smothered by the lack of character development and a number of obviously recycled scenes.

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Mahou Shoujo Site (First Impression)

Aya Asagiri, an innocent girl who just wants to die. Being bullied every day at school and then coming home to be physically beaten by her older brother. Every day is more painful than the next. Until one night her laptop turns on with a beckoning glow. “Magical Girl Site” was the url stop the screen. The website promised that a “stick would be delivered to her and the next day something was put in her locker. A toy gun but it was more than that. During after school hours, she is chased by her bullies and in desperation pulls out the toy guns and shoots. Her assaulters disappear in a heart pink cloud, only to be heard in the distance as the screeching of the train cut out their screams of agony. She runs to the scene only to have a heap of what was left of the victims. What is this Magical Girl Site and why was Aya chosen? 

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