Dog Days’’ [9/10]

Dog Days is one of those anime that you’ll watch and automatically it’ll put you into a good mood, I mean who doesn’t love girls with dog/cat/bunny ears!? Initially I thought that the third season was kind of going overboard with the anime series and stretching it out WAAAAAY too long, but I was wrong! The third season held itself up very well, with the introduction of new characters and the fights against the demon which actually changes the mood of the anime since there is more danger involved this time around. What really got me hooked on this season is the growth of demons around Flonyard, and to be completely honest I was really hoping for another big battle with everyone working together against the main demon lord or whatever, something similar to the ending of season 2. Unfortunately that didn’t happen which is a downer but either way I still really enjoyed the fun times that Dog Days really brings out with it’s fun characters. If there happens to be a Fourth season (which I doubt but you never know) I am seriously hoping for a big ending battle against an almighty demon! Time for Millhiore-hime to whip out the sacred sword again!

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