Durararax2 Shou [8/10]

Ok so I’ve been a big fan of Durarara when the first season came out way back when, and after hearing about it getting a second season I was absolutely thrilled!!! And then I watched it… Durarara x2 was confusing all the way through, but of course the first season was kind of the same way but it redeemed itself at the end where everything would come together. Durarara x2 didn’t do that, in fact it made the story even more confusing!! I was so frustrated through the whole show trying to make heads and tails about where everything was going D: In the end I was just completely lost. BUT FEAR NOT DURARARA X2 WILL CONTINUE AS DURARARA X2 TEN IN JULY!!!! I really don’t like giving this anime a bad review, I mean I enjoyed everything, it was just hard to follow which is way it was good and bad at the same time. Hopefully when chapter 2 airs everything will makes sense, so for now I’ll keep this review short and do a longer more detailed one in July.

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