Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon) [10/10]

Gin no Saji was kind of an orthodox choice for me, I’ve never seen a slice of life on a farm before or a farming school for that matter XD. And in the end it was a memorable watch. A-1 Pictures does it again with their awesome characters designs and the adaptation from manga to anime was so well done. After this I might just go read the manga myself XD. The story is just so good, because it hints at how Hachiken’s life back in the city was and why he ran away from home, and it really made me think of how my life is. Sometimes I feel pressured just thinking about the expectation that people put on me on doing well in school and establishing a good (wealthy) future. So in that sense the anime really hit home for me plus I live in the middle of Missouri and I’m surrounded by farmers, we have a class that’s called FFA (Future Farmers of America) THAT’S HOW COUNTRY MISSOURI IS. ANYWAY Gin no Saji has such a great pace and feel to it, it’s really hard to not like it. It hilarious to watch the beginning when Hachiken goes to class on the first day and feeling left out from everyone else and the crazy routines the school makes him go through XD, but towards the end he really grows and starts accept the things around him and make the best of what he’s got and slowly starting to forge his own path in life. Wow this is more of a life reflection than a review….hahah gomen gomen XD ANYWAY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ANIME!! WATCH IT!!!

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