Love Live: The School Idol Movie [9/10]

Every now and then Kansas City decides to show anime movies in theatre and thankfully Love Live: The School Idol Movie was one of them!!!! I finally had time from my architecture studio to go purchase tickets and watch it and it was worth it! There were people there cosplayed as some of the character and I just thought that was the coolest thing XD. The movie itself was GREAT, the animation was pretty solid throughout the entire movie and the story that follows after season 2 was a pretty good wrap up to the entire series and give it a good closure….HOWEVER, there were something that stuck out to me and that’s why it didn’t get a full 10/10. Thing one was that the story was disjointed at time throughout the story, with the girls suddenly breaking out into song, which I can see why because one of the main focuses of the anime is their music, BUT that doesn’t mean in the middle of a scene turn it into a MV where they have costumes changes and different scenery. I would have enjoyed it more if they had a mini concert with the clothes that they were already wearing during that particular scene. Another bummer in the movie was how there wasn’t a (for a lack of a better term) “TRUE ENDING”, you never actually get to see the third years physically leave the group and move on with their lives (although you do see the little sisters carrying on the legacy) I was really hoping for the “good-bye” scene and everyone is crying but it didn’t happen and it kinda left me feeling like I’m still in the middle of a cliffhanger, but I guess the “good-bye” scene would probably be the end of season 2, and the movie just acts as an OVA of sorts, but I still wished there was a scene that would’ve made me bawl, What was really cool about the showings was that they gave out merchandise for those that bought tickets to see the show but unfortunately I was busy with architecture studio and when on day 2 which by then they had ran out of the merchandise TTATT.

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