Psycho-Pass 2 [8/10]

Psycho Pass season 2 felt very half assed to be honest. It seems like the main points in the story were missing very crucial information in between them. It’s like going from point A to point D and skipping B and C completely. An example would be when Akane figured out what WC meant, like it was so out of the blue no small clues that lead up to the conclusion she just hears a phrase and BAM she just knooooows. The new characters were kind of half assed as well, Kamui or new villain was okay but his motives really contradicted what he was about, I won’t spoil anything but his ideology doesn’t match up with his actions, and Dear god there’s Inspector Shimotsuki. Out of all the characters I hated in Psycho Pass 2 I hated Inspector Shimotsuki the most. Throughout the story she would mess up, and I understand that she’s new and she’s bound to make mistakes, but really tickle my toes is that she won’t accept the fact that she messed up and always thinking that she is making the right decision. It aggravates me to see her show up. Overall Psycho-Pass 2 was still a good watch it just wasn’t as good as the first and hopefully if season 3 ever comes out they’ll go back to how they produced Season 1

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