Rolling Girls [9/10]

I decided to watch Rolling girls on a whim and I have to say it was a good choice XD. The character designs on the characters were really nice! The four main heroines were so cute XD. BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE BACKGROUNDS, to me all of the background looked like they were water colored and honestly I think that’s the boldest move ever I mean it could’ve gone either way, really good or really bad, but fortunately it worked with the anime really well! But not only that the fight scenes in Rolling girls was surprisingly really good, The motions were captured in a cartoony fashion but that worked for the anime so well, not to mention the over-exaggeration of the attacks and how it sends crowds flying away. I think this is what makes Rolling girls so unique is that it’s a completely different style of anime, that hasn’t been done before I mean who uses WATER COLORED BACKGROUNDS?? Throw in some good characters and a mission to accomplish and you’re already off to good start. The cartoony motions with the funky water colored backgrounds really bring out the anime and man let’s not forget the catchy jams that this naime has laid out! The OP is one thing but the OST’s are great too! They’re just so catchy! I want to download all of music from this anime XD. Rolling girls is one of those anime that are really good but unfortunately don’t really get that popular, so I highly recommend trying this one out and experiencing it for yourself!!

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