Medaka Box [7/10]

After playing as Medaka countless times in J All-Star Vs+ my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch the anime. I really enjoyed the comedy side of the anime and the Medaka’s funny quirks throughout the show (Like all of her great costumes XD). Although there wasn’t too much character development which this time I wasn’t to mad about because I’m sure that’s what the second season is for. What I didn’t like about Medaka’s Box was the last fight with Unzen. That short arc was soooooo baaaad, the way it was handled was ridiculous. I’m not sure if Unzen killed the students or injured them but honestly that whole situation doesn’t work with this style of anime (in my opinion). It seemed way to dark, with all the blood on his face you would assume he killed them, but we didn’t get any closure from that since none of the students were shown (dead or alive). It would’ve made more sense for him just to injure the students and then have Medaka protect them, but no they just disappear without a trance and not to mention he also goes basically unpunished for hurting students like it doesn’t sit well with this type of setting (Parasyte could do it because it was more on the Seinen and gorey side of the anime spectrum). Oh god and the fight scene was difficult to watch (mostly because Unzen would not shuuuuuut uuuuppp). With Medaka’s power still not yet explained, and the existance of Class 13 not explained I continue onto the second season in hopes of a more definite closure.

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