Joukamachi no Dandelion [9/10]

The moment you realize the main character (Akane) is a shy girl and is also voiced by lovely Hana Kanazawa, you should immediately jump on to the band wagon and watch it. Joukamachi no Dandelion was a fun ride from start to finish with lots of good moments. I really enjoyed the artwork of Joukamachi no Dandelion, even though it isn’t very flashy (not that it should be) but it’s very clean and the art style really fits well with the story. ALL of the characters are so well designed and throughout the story you get to see good character development for all of the siblings not just one or two, which really enriched the whole experience with the election that takes part in the later half of the season. Every episode had me screaming for more shy Akane and honestly I just can’t get enough!! (tempted to buy the whole family of they all came out as figures….). I really enjoyed every episode that was aired and the last one made me tear up a bit with the election (╥╯^╰╥), Production IMS did a very good job with this and I’m looking forward to watch they plan to animate next (and I’m going to look into what they have done before too, when I have the time). PLEASE WATCH IT, YOU’RE MISSING OUT IF YOU DON’T

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