Million Doll [5/10]

As someone of you know I really like idol anime, (Love Live and Idolm@ster etc.) so of course I’m going to try this one out. However; it was not as enjoyable as the others. One thing that really bugged me was the quality of the 3D animation, I mean it was VERY rough, in my opinion I think they should’ve stuck with 2D on this one, because the 3D wasn’t really working. Another thing about the 3D was that they used the SAME scene for each of the idol(s) dance/show scenes. So not only was it REALLY ROUGH but you had to endure it MULTIPLE TIMES. That is NOT something that I enjoy watching over and over and over again. Story-wise wasn’t too bad, it was pretty straight forward, the characters were well developed (given that each ep was only 5 min.). Although it would’ve been a lot better had the episode been dragged out to 20 or so minutes, it gives more opportunities for more character development, which would enrich the story even further and possibly force the animation studio to actually create NEW dance routines and different songs. The series is based off of a manga so for those interested, I suggest you check it out and tell me how it is. I see a lot of potential in Million Doll but the way that it’s being adapted now is really isn’t working…

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