Absolute Duo’s storyline and character development were fairly weak. There was no real change in the characters, only one who had a some good development was Miyabi but she changed back to the good side really quick not to mention that her reason for that change was because she wanted to have Tor be with her forever. I mean you just met this guy! The bad guy, K, was probably the worst because his motives were as flakey as frosted flakes. BUT LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH DAMAGE TOR CAN HANDLE, YOU COULD THROW A NUCLEAR BOMB ON HIM AND HE WOULD STILL STAND UP AND TELL YOU THAT HE’LL BE THE ONE TO PROTECT JULIE. If anything the anime gets props for the fluid action scenes that it had, and then plus a butt ton of points for Tsukimi sensei, because who doesn’t like bunnies?? Oh and Lilith is another of butt ton of points XD.