Akatsuki no Yona [9/10]

For me Akatsuki no Yona had a very rough start. The story wasn’t really that interesting, it didn’t have the “oomph” to get you hooked and continue watching, but the story does redeem itself as you get further into the developing plot. The character development is phenomenal, for all the characters (except Jeaha and Jeno though which was kinda of disappointing…) I couldn’t get enough of Yona and Hak’s relationship development!! Yona slowly taking her first step into the dangerous that she’s forced into and Hak her childhood friend that swore to protect Yona even if it costs his life now begins to feel conflicted with his desire to be with Yona and his duty to protect her happiness and well being. Su-won our antagonist also has some interesting character development, is he really as bad as we all think or is there something more? Either way the final episode paves the path for a possible second season and you bet I’ll be watching it as soon as it comes out!


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