Danmachi was sort of an unexpected masterpiece in this anime season, I almost passed it if I hadn’t seen the MASS OF HESTIA SPAMMING on tumblr. The story development for Danmachi was so well done, every pinch that our Protag-kun finds himself in really makes you tense and puts you in the end of your seat!! The character designs in Danmachi are so lovely to look at ESPECIALLY AIZ BECAUSE THAT ARMOR OF HERS IS JUST A;DFLGKJDAF;LGKJ;LKSAJG;LSKDJ;, and the sceneries were beautiful. especially when they entered the safe one with the crystal hanging on the cavern ceiling. I still find it strange that the setting of Danmachi is set in a “game-like” world where there are adventurers and monsters and a dungeon that the adventurers must conquer*cough*SWORDARTONLINE*cough* but it’s like their reality for them, not just a game. Danmachi ended fabulously but there are still many questions that are left unaswered, and since Danmachi seems like it’s gaining popularity, hopefully the blu ray sales will be enough for a second season! And if it does YOU CAN BET YOUR WEEABOO ASS THAT I’LL BE ON THAT SHIT LIKE BELL ON AIZ.