Hidan no Aria [7/10]

Hidan no Aria has been on my “going to watch” list for the longest time, and now I’ve finally finished it lol. There’s not much to say about the anime really, it’s set in a school where kids are taught the ways of being a Butei (Which is a mercenary of justice from what I have deducted). I felt like throughout the whole series the plot never really stayed in one place, first it was just the problem of Kinji living with Aria and dealing with his harem throwing a fit (which isn’t so bad) but then it moves to the magic realm for some reason like I thought this was a somewhat realistic setting with only guns and hand combat NOPE NOT HERE because then we have ice mages and fire sword wielding shrine maidens and finally A FUCKING WEREWOLF VAMPIRE THING. And let’s talk about Hysteria mode for bit…. In the first episode it looked really cool and that gave Kinji that OP feeling throughout the series but it was never applied enough. When he did turn to Hysteria mode he barely did anything, There was too much hype set on Hysteria mode that it was really disappointing. But the anime made up with all of the good characters that it had, RIKO OR JEANNE BEING THE BEST XD. The season also ended with a somewhat cliffhanger so hopefully another season will be in the works soon, but that’s not very likely.

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