Kagewani [6/10]

An interesting new style of anime, Kagewani consists of short episodes following Banba Sensei and his encounters with very strange creatures. At first I was really excited because back in the day I used to love looking at Cryptids (aka monsters that aren’t confirmed real ex. Lochness Monster, Big Foot, Chupacabra etc.). And the first one that showed up was Mokele Mbembe, and I was like “THIS IS AWESOME!” but after that the monsters starting just being straight weird. Which isn’t a bad thing but it just took my interest away. The animation was very new to me, it was very uh… rigid? Like part were drawn then jointed together and they just moved at the joints…I don’t know if that makes any sense but you’ll understand if you watch it. Anyway the story was a trainwreck, all it did was jump from case to case and the only time you would see Banba Sensei is after the incident was over. Although I did like the suspense but it didn’t help that the story was still lacking in substance.

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