I’m going to be honest and say that I was a little skeptical about this game adaptations because most of the time game to anime adaptations are really bad, but this was actually a very entertaining to watch! I heard somewhere on the net that the story is actually based off of a Doujin, so maybe that’s why it was so good! It succeeded in making me tear up not once but twice in the anime (and that rarely ever happens), definitely impressive XD. Diomedéa did a very good job for all of the character designs, especially making Yamato so well “gifted” XD. Story development as I said before is off the charts! I will holding my breathe towards the second half of the anime, the first was just enjoying seeing all the ship girls interacting with one another which is another plus. LET’S GIVE KANCOLLE A BUTT TON OF POINTS FOR KONGOU BECAUSE KONGOU. For someone who has never played any KanColle ever it very interesting to have been sucked into an anime like this, but the story and characters were so well done that you can’t help but want to watch the next episode. Now that the anime is over, I really want to play the game!!