Koufuku Graffiti [9/10]

When I heard there was gonna be a cooking anime that was going to be animated by SHAFT I got super excited and just AJSDKFL;AROIGNA;FLGJ. I love the work that SHAFT does and it’s unique animating style, which have been made famous with the whole head turning meme. Koufuku Graffiti was so great to watch because of it’s very well done characters! Ryou, Kirin, and Shiina make the best cooking trio ever! (although Ryou does all of the cooking) It was hilarious to see them react when eating the various meals that they make, but I like how the artwork changed whenever they ate it was like I could feel the goodness of the food. And of course the food that appeared in the show were LOOKED SO FREAKING GOOD I WANTED TO JUMP INTO MY TV AND GRAB A BITE. This was a happy fun anime to watch, the only downfall of this anime is that everytime there’s a new episode I always have to have a snack or meal ready to eat because watching the show make me SUPER HUNGRY EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. If I get fat it’s going to be because of this anime…and I’ll regret nothing.

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