Ore Monogatari [8/10]

Ore Monogatari was a different type of shoujo that I actually quite enjoyed. The animation was VERY well done for this genre and the comedic points were really great to watch (especially when Takeo would yell “I LOVE HER” in his head XD). What was really odd though, was that although I enjoyed the relationship between Yamato and Takeo a lot, I found that the relationship between Takeo and Suna a lot more interesting, the friendship and bond that they have with each other is really something, I just love the way that Suna is always there to pick Takeo up whenever he’s down in the dumps and and vice versa. It’s really nice too see a good bromance going on. I do have one complaint about the anime, that fact that the last episode was RUSHED, I hate it when anything is rushed and there’s not enough time to develop emotions for the story. The last episode really blew through the story (I probably would’ve cried had they split the last episode into two episodes instead). The last scene with Ichinose, Yamato, and Takeo really put me on the edge of my seat, but again because it was rushed there wasn’t any emotional build up therefore nothing to really spill out :/

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