Owarimonogatari [7/10]

As one who has never read the light novel for the Monogatari, I do feel like score is a little bias. It’s a 7/10 because of the organization of the plot. Ok I understand what happens and why but it’s still pretty difficult to wrap my head around timeline. I enjoy the series themselves and the animation is just AMAZING, but again the jumping around from story to story without a clear path is kind of hard to follow. Owarimonogatari consists of the Koyomi Araragi “origin” story of how he came to be as he is, and also Shinobu Mail which involves Shinobu’s first servant. Both stories serve more like recollections and conclusions rather than a step forward or progression in the main plot itself. I enjoyed Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari because they made progress in the story. New encounters with different apparitions that affect the people around Araragi. But here it’s going backwards and bringing apparitions and characters from the past, which in it’s own way is cool for character development, it’s been so long that I wanna see Araragi get stronger or something? Plus SENJOUGAHARA BARELY SHOWED UP, LIKE WHAT. It’s a good watch, the artwork and characters really make the monogatari series but it takes watching it a couple times and maybe even marathoning the entire series again to actually appreciate and understand what’s happening around the monogatari series world.

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