Prison School [8/10]

Prison School was one of my most anticipated anime coming into the Fall season because I just loved the manga but of course adaptations don’t really give you what you were expecting. The Anime Adaptation of Prison School was good but only because I read the manga already, if I had watched the anime without reading the manga I’d probably be missing out on so many things. The reason why is because of how fast the anime goes, the first episode went through SEVEN CHAPTERS. So many story development moments that were lost because the story was rushed so that it could fit in a 12 episode season. Prison school would’ve been a lot better had the anime been given a 24 episode season along with a new director who knows how to end episodes with good cliffhangers. I already know what was going to happen since I’ve read it but the cliffhangers for the episodes were really half assed, usually cliffhangers would be most effective at the climax of the episode. But for Prison School the cliffhanger was used AFTER the climax was concluded (if that makes any sense). It gave me no real drive to watch the next episode other than watching to see how the manga would be animated. Although there were many mishaps, it was still a pretty good watch, but if you want to get into it…..just read the manga, please.

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