Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace [8/10]

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace really hooked me on the first episode, and was pretty interesting throughout the season. With the horror and mystery combination it gave me something to look forward to every week. But it was far from “perfect”. There were many ups and downs for me on this one. One of the things that really hindered the story (in my opinion) was that the anime focused too much on the “moe” aspect of it rather than the “Mystery/horror” section. Examples like making the Main Character a “trap” and the cutesy corpse examination really took away that darkness the story was building up. Lerche did a good job with the animation but I think that maybe SHAFT should’ve animated it, given how that they animated Bakemonogatari, I was getting a SHAFT feel every time I watched an episode of Ranpo Kitan. I LOVED the story but just felt that the potential that it held wasn’t used to the fullest. BUT there are a lot of things that were done right with the show. Like the fact that the “non important characters” were portrayed in a different way. But not only that but they were portrayed differently depending on which characters perspective you were hearing from. For example when you were in Kobayashi’s head the “non important characters: were simply silhouettes, whereas when you were in the mind of Akechi they were represented by wooden scale figures. That was a really cool and unique kind of way to tell the audience who’s thought process they were looking through. The backgrounds were another thing that really stood out, especially when the we were put into the characters thoughts and the background turned into their own worlds, however; even though it’s really cool, it was way overused. most of the anime takes place in these “worlds” and not in reality which takes away from the heaviness of the crimes that were committed (if that makes any sense). It’s like because we don’t see the corpse in the site that it was found, it just feels like it hasn’t happened yet, it might just be how I picture it (send me an ask about your opinions!!!) Overall I quite enjoyed it hopefully more unique stuff like this will come out next season!

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