Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata [10/10]

Last one for the night XD Saekano was one of the favorites going into the winter anime season and I have to admit it was a wonderful anime. The visuals were absolutely great as well as character designs! BECAUSE CMON HAVE YOU SEEN UTAHA-SENPAI!?!!! AUTOMATICALLY 10/10! XD There’s never a dull moment in the anime, the comedy is great with the spark between Utaha and Eriri, as well as the interesting reactions from Katou from time to time. Each character all have different backgrounds but their talents really bring them together and I think that’s one of the great things about this anime is that the characters blend so well with each other, their interactions with each other are so great it makes it really hard to get disinterested. And to be quite honest I would love to be able to play the game that they made, from the audience point of view it looks really good XD. A-1 Pictures, which I’m a HUGE fan of, did a fantastic job of animating this one and I hope they continue to produce even more great anime like this! IF I DON’T GET A SEASON 2 I WILL BREAK LIMBS

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