Seiken no Blacksmith [7/10]

Seiken no Blacksmith is a generic anime through and through. And although I call it “generic” it’s one of the BETTER ones. I like the variety the characters give, even the Not-so-important characters feel like they have their own stories to tell, however you never get to hear those stories. There wasn’t even character development at all in the story. Sure our Main cast got some but even then it wasn’t enough. There too many plot holes within the story that really ruin the overall show. Our Main Antagonists have literally no backstory and are defeated within maybe 2 minutes. If that isn’t anti-climatic for a last episode then I don’t know what is. I was very interested in the Dark Magic Sword, I wanted to see what her personality was like but NOOOOPE, she’s captured within 1 minute, says one or two lines in her prison cell and for the rest of the show she’s turns back into sword form and then get destroyed without a word in the final episode. This show had potential but the 12 episode constraint rushed it and made it generic and unappealing.

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