Shinmai Maou no Testament 6/10

At first, I was expecting sort of a High School DxD vibe from this one but alas what I got in return was something much worse. There should be a new category for anime called “BORDERLINE HENTAI”, which means lots os sexual things but not quite hentai. The plot had a good starting point with Mio being the Demon Lord’s daughter and Basara deciding to protect, that’s all well and good until you throw in the whole Master and Servant ritual and everything well downhill from there (for me at least). Though I am bashing on the sexual parts of the anime, I have to admit I really enjoyed the censoring on this anime in particular XD definitely different than your typical ray of sunlight so they get points for effort. Shinmai also gets more points for Nonaka Yuki’s cuteness! Definitely the favorite going through the series. The ecchi parts of the anime were so forced in my opinion, like the anime could’ve gone without it and still would’ve done fine.

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