Shirobako [10/10]

Wow I feel like the anime this season (Fall 2014) are so good! I ashamed to say that I didn’t watch Shirobako until around it’s 9th or 10th episode. At first I didn’t what the show was even about, but I saw some gifs of the show on tumblr and thought “hey why not?”. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS EVER LET ME TELL YOU. The story was something new and fresh, it’s a about anime production and when I watched the first episode I just thought that it was the coolest thing. Being able to witness how anime is made and the troubles that the animation studios go through really bring light to how your favorite shows are made! The content of the show is just gold! Also the characters are to die for! They all have their unique trait and talent that really help contribute to the company. ALSO PLEASE WATCH THE SPECIALS!! I didn’t even know until I watched it but, in the Shirobako, Musani (the anime company in the anime) make an anime named “Exodus” and you get to see bits and pieces of it throughout Shirobako, but the cool thing is that Shirobako’s specials are actually FULL EPISODES OF EXODUS. Being able to watch the episode that they made and seeing the little things they did in Shirobako appear in the Exodus episode just makes it 10000000000x cooler to watch!!

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