Zetsuen no Tempest [10/10]

Wow I just finished the series and HOLY SHIT why haven’t I heard of this series before? Everything about this anime is great, from the character development, to the character designs, the overwhelming plot-twists, and especially the story development. The fight scenes were easy on the eyes because they were really smooth and fluid, most of them really put me on the edge of my seat. It’s been a long time since I got into a good series with such awesome characters, let’s start with Hakaze-chan, she is so cute and cute OP girls are the bomb dot com you feel me? Her change after she was rescued by Mahiro and Yoshino was so well done even her relationship with Yoshino where it was unrequited was also well done it didn’t feel like he was dense about it but it also showed how true he was to his girlfriend. But the best character development was in Mahiro, throughout the entire series he’s also aggressive so of course his character design is going to give him a real “mean” look using eyes with the sharp corners, but as the anime went on the story developed and so did Mahiro and on the very last episode the way he was drawn had a subtle change to where that sharpness and aggressiveness that we saw this whole time was slightly more rounded and it gave his facial expressions a softer touch and it just very satisfying to know that the people who made this anime gave it that much thought to his character development. I’m very surprised this isn’t a popular series, I would highly recommend this anime!

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