Finally got around to watching Aki no Kanade and I have to say I was expecting it to be good but not this good! We follow the life of Aki Miyagawa, who moved to Tokyo in pursuit of her dream to be a taiko drummer. She struggles between her strict training schedule and her part time job. As a breather or break, she decides to return to her hometown and help teach the community the ways of a taiko drummer and assist with the Drum festival. The entirety of the story consists of the Aki’s past and her passion for drumming, and her resolve to take a step forward towards her dream. It’s very impressive how this whole complex story was smooshed together in a mere 20-something minutes, and the good thing about it was that it DID NOT feel rushed whatsoever. I would love to see a full length movie based off of this! The drumming animation was a little choppy at times but overall I think it was fantastic (I was kinda drumming along with them at one pojnt)