Girls und Panzer [9/10]

Well it’s been too long since I marathoned anything because of Finals week TTATT BUT I’M BACK AND FINALLY FINISHED THIS GREAT ANIME!! Ok I’ve always been hearing about Girls und Panzer, and honestly it didn’t peak my interest at first. I mean girls and tanks?? How does that even work? BUT IT DOES AND I REGRET NOTHING. We join Miho and her friends into the tank world where school have tank battles to determine their schools ranking, Miho is from the renowned Nishizumi Family that is infamous for their superiority in Tank tactics. But Miho herself doesn’t enjoy commanding tanks because an incident that happens sometime before. The 3D animations for the tanks were very well done from their appearance to their movements, and switching from third person to first person point of view was a great touch! During one of the battles I kinda felt like I was in a tank lol. The characters are great and all unique especially Reizei XD CUZ SHE BAE YOU FEEL? If there was any character I disliked it would be Momo-chan, I mean I like her character design and her monocle? but throughout the series she would make the worst choices and she’s also SUPER BITCHY and I’m just not about that… Overall Girls und Panzer was an unexpected adventure will lots of great action mixed with some cute girls I mean what else do you need???

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