GJ-bu has all of your favorite girl types: Genius Kuudere, Loli Tsundere, the “Well-gifted” Yamato Nadeshiko (the ideal japanese woman), a mysterious Nekomimi (sorta), and a twintail kouhai. With all of these characters there’s no way I could get tired of an anime like this XD. Their interactions and the funny situations that they get themselves into (mostly just teasing Kyolo XD) are very interesting and funny! The gags just keep coming and it got to the point where I had to stop the episode for a little bit because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t watch the episode! The comedy is what really made this anime great, but it didn’t really have any substance, and by that I mean there’s no linear path within the story. The story is broken into a pieces and with no episode leading to another. You could probably watch all of the episodes in different orders and still enjoy it. I wish they would’ve included the scene when Kyolo was kidnapped and forced into the GJ club, or Tama getting kidnapped? And there were no background info on the girls that joined the club either. How did Mao start the club? Why did Kirara and Shion join? Stuff like that would’ve made the story more fulfilling and interesting. Although great anime either way XD