Woo! Highscool DxD back for round 3! I’m enjoying these new conflicts that are beginning to happen around our friend, the harem king, Hyodo Issei. For those people who think that Highschool DxD is all about Oppai (boobs) THEN YOU ARE CORRECT, HOWEVER! The story component of Highschool DxD is actually very well developed, it isn’t some bullshit storyline, it has depth and the character development is just really great to watch. Th story continues from where season 2 left off and the crew enters into the realm of the demons to begin their training. If the oppais is the main reason that you’re avoiding this anime, I really recommend that you try watching the CENSORED version, because you’re really missing out on this great anime. ALTHOUGH EITHER WAY IT’S NFSW SO MAKE SURE YOU’RE NOT WATCHING IT IN PUBLIC, unless your okay with that sort of thing… ANYWAY SHOUT OUT TO ROSSWEISS FOR BEING BAE THIS SEASON!! I’m really hoping for season 4 because I need me some more Rossweiss!!!