Kowabon [9/10]

It’s been a long time since an anime actually made chills run down my spine XD (And it doesn’t help that I watched these at like 1 or 2 am D:). Kowabon is a series of short thriller/horror stories that last about 4 to 5 minutes. The animation is really cool because instead just drawing characters, the animation company recorded real people and traced over them so the animation has a more fluid life-like quality. The artwork is really interesting and also adds to the creepiness of the show itself. The ones that probably freaked me out the most was episode 3 with the lady working by herself in the office and all the computer monitors began to malfunction and show this creepy face as a weird figure approach her form behind and episode 8 where this girl finally moves out on her own but gets some very strange customers knocking at her door…. If you like thrills and such then this is a good watch! XD

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