Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou [9/10]

Ok I’m going to be completely honest, I enjoyed Monster Musume WAAAAAY more than I should have. We’re thrusted into the life of Darling-kun/Master/Milord/Kimihito (You hear his actual name like once……) who’s a student and he lives with a Lamia…A half snake and half girl. The story follows their daily lives, but it’s get pretty chaotic when more species enter into the household! Centaurs, harpies, slimes, mermaids etc. But I really thought the comedy was on point in this, sure the ecchi parts were pretty outrageous, but you know I got over it and the really enjoyed the interactions between the characters. I really loved the character designs, they looked really clean and it’s just really nice to look at. Not only that but the characters aren’t  “generic”, you don’t really see the traditional tsundere or kuuderes etc., they act according to their beliefs/backgrounds of their own species and I think that really brings out the characters and makes them more unique. Although I wish Smith had more screen time along with the girls from MON. Hopefully a season 2 comes around and showcases more MON missions or MON could get it’s own series??? That’d be a dream come true! *cough*centoreabestgirl*cough* and on a side note I love the animation on the last episode (don’t know why it bumped up to 9000+ but it’s still great XD)

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