Owari no Seraph [10/10]

Owari no Seraph was a dark horse in this anime season, I honestly didn’t think the story, characters, and music could suck me in so quickly! I instantly fell in love with the character designs from Episode 1, and the characters themselves were so unique the way they acted towards others and even their thoughts. Episode 1 was HUGE for me because of how it was set up. Episode contained no OP or ED, and because of that there was more time to work on story development, to get the audience really hooked onto the plot. It even starts off with the world being thrown into chaos with hundred of people dying too make sure you’re paying attention. And it ends on a dramatic note as Yu runs for his life to reach the outside. Once episode 2 aired, I just screamed because the opening was written by Hiroyuki Sawano(MY FAVORITE COMPOSER OF ALL TIME AS;LFKJAF;GLKJASD;LFK) And the ED and soundtrack was written by him as well! Just so many good things from Owari no Seraph and much HYPE FOR SEASON 2 COMING IN OCTOBER!!! WOOOO!!!!! You can bet your weeaboo ass that I’m on be on that shit like some good pho!

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