Plastic Memories [10/10]

Plastic Memories had me hooked on since the first episode and I knew somewhere in my gut that this was going to be one of the good ones that comes out of the Spring Season. From episode 1 you could see the amount of detail that the animation company had thought about when drawing the facial expressions of the people and the giftias. At the end of episode 1 the little girl’s facial expressions were so powerful when she was retrieved . Instead of just going straight into the crying, usually people make that “ugly” or “frowning” where your face kind of does it’s own thing and then it lets loose your tears. The moment is captured in all of it’s beauty in the animation and it hits you really fucking hard. Throughout the entire story it was very predictable that Isla would be retrieved at the end of the series, but even though I knew, I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN AND I STILL CRIED MY EYES OUT. The relationship between Isla with all of the characters just come together, her last message to everyone just hurt, really bad, like the moment it started I was just gone couldn’t read some of it because my eyes were blurred by the infamous Onion Ninjas! (DAMN YOU ONION NINJAS). It’s been a long time since an anime made me cry…If you thought Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was painful….Honey, you gotta another thing comin’

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