Rokka no Yuusha [7/10]

When I was doing the first impression posts for the this season, Rokka no Yuusha was a dark horse and really took me by surprise. Thinking that it was your typical generic “let’s go on an adventure” 1 cour anime, I didn’t really have high expectation for it, however the first episode really dragged me into the story, the characters and the animation of the fight scenes. The art style was kind of bland with the colors but I think that it fits with the mystery aspect of the story. But even though I thought it was really good, there were somethings later on that really hindered it from being really great. First off is the overused of 3D animation, I’m sure the animation studio could’ve hand drawn the fiends making them them stand out more.

A good example of where 3D and 2D work together well is, God Eater, because

1) it’s based off the game that was strictly 3D animation.

2) the art style of the characters and background sort of imitate that 3D style with 2D artwork so it really brings it all together.

The other thing that really irritated me was the fact that they spent the entire season stuck in the temple and NOT fighting fiends, which was basically the main point of the story, defeating the Demon God and restoring peace to the world etc. etc.. I was really expecting some badass fight scenes with the fiends and getting to see all the characters fighting abilities. But I still like the mystery that was intertwined with the story, I just think that they could’ve made it waaaaaay shorter. Well since at the end they finally figured the situation and are about to embark towards final battle with the Demon God so HOPEFULLY season 2 is greenlit and we can finally get some good fight scenes to watch. oh and Flamie is best girl, cha feel.

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