Shiki [7/10]

Wow. wow. wow… I have so many mixed feelings about this anime that I don’t really know what to write for this review. Let’s just start with the story, the beginning was VERY SLOW (for me at least). And I almost quit because of episode 1 because of the how horrible the characters treated each other, Megumi towards the village, Natsuno towards Megumi, the rude mover guy that honked at the house at like 4 am in the morning!! Like can we not? The story is pretty dull until people start dying, oh yes lots and lots and lots of people dying. The second half of the this show is literally a blood bath, almost everyone (yes including the old people, young people, and of course children aren’t excluded!) are literally covered in BLOOD. If you don’t like that kind of stuff I would recommend you STAY AWAY from this one 😀 (PSA from Kiritonarukami). What IS interesting about the story is that you get to see both perspectives of the story and how it fits together, the human side and the Shiki side. The theme of “who’s really the monster?” also plays into the story. Yes the Shiki are killing people, BUT when the human fight back and start killing the Shiki, it’s a much more brutal and demonic way of killing compared to having your blood sucked away. The character designs were strange to me, like to me most of the characters looked like they just came out of the new Yu Gi Oh series. The spikey hair and simple eyes were almost distracting, I couldn’t help myself from dubbing Natsuno’s lines with “STAY BACK OR I’LL SUMMON THE BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!”. The ending…..ugh the ending….is somewhat unsatisfying. There’s a conclusion but no epilogue, which is very….just UNSATISFYING. Overall I think the story is something that should be experienced, but it wouldn’t be something that I would casually watch.

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