Shinmai Maou no Testament: Burst [5/10]

Since I watched season 1 of the series might as well watch season 2 right? Shinmai Maou has always been a little rough for me, it’s very VERY lewd at times that it could even be cringe worthy. It’d be okay if the scenes were something like highschool DXD but shinmai scenes were INTENSE, like if I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought that this was a straight hentai! BUT even though the ecchi scenes are a little strong, I thought the story overall was very interesting. The relationship between the heroes and Demons, Basara’s hidden power and the people around make a pretty interesting plot. However that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was executed in the right way in the anime. Throughout the anime, there were so many skipped scenes or explanations that I would like to see, like towards the end when Basara was injured and his final math was about to begin. LIKE HOW DID HE GET THERE???????? Yes there’s a scene with Lars helping him but they just walked in the Forest….doesn’t really explain a whole lot… and the fact that he can enter into the demon realm??? Lots of skipped scene really tripped me up to the point where I had to rewatch the episode before to make sure I didn’t miss anything (and I didn’t). Towards the end there were some more interesting story development so we might actually get to see a season 3, and hopefully the story will be better by then.

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