Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider [8/10]

Subete ga F ni Naru is one of those plots that flat out just doesn’t make any sense in the first half of the show. You get tid bits of information that seem to have no correlation with each other and you’re just sitting there thinking “What??????”. The plot is basically a giant jig saw puzzles, the first half of the show are the corner pieces that you find first to get an idea of how the picture is going to look, then the second half is the pieces in the middle and you won’t understand how the picture looks until you see how the pieces fit together to make the whole image (hopefully that analogy made sense…). Either way the mystery side of this anime was very fascinating, although the characters got to the conclusions of the mysteries fairly easily with little to no hints and personally I think that takes away the fun in trying to solve the mystery for yourself. Character designs and the animation itself I felt were a little plain, nothing very extravagant is drawn or shown since most of anime takes place in a super secret lab. Overall it wasn’t a bad watch but it wasn’t a great watch either, pretty average I would say, the mystery part was probably the eye catcher for me other than the everything else was so-so

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