Arslan Senki [10/10]

Dammit it just had to end when Arlsan starts getting cozy with Etoile :/. But anyway onto the review. Arslan Senki was one of the best to come out of the Spring season, with the same character designer (Hiromu Arakawa) that also did the character designs for Full Metal Alchemist of course you know all the characters will be beautiful (Etoile still being the best XD). Arslan Senki has not only great story development with a good conclusion and possible hint to a second season, but also VERY GOOD character development. With so many characters it’s difficult to really give all of them good backstories but it happened and it just makes the story that much more engrossing. The use of 3D and 2D made sense, because it would be ridiculously time consuming to draw thousands upon thousands of soldiers just for one battle instead they use the 3D animation to make the less important soldiers and I think that works really well. It’s was really pleasing to look at, and it also to help to scale, because these battles are fought with MASSIVE armies and being able to see the giant bulk of human flesh running into each other really puts things into perspective. The story development was very fascinating because you really never know wants going to happen next, the situation can drastically changed from very mellow to very dire in a split second and that really kept me on the edge of my seat! (or bed). Hopefully season 2 comes around and we see more Arslan x Etoile :3333

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