Denpa Kyoushi [6/10]

Denpa Kyoushi was definitely “amusing” but I didn’t quite enjoy as much as I should have. One of the major issues that I had with Denpa Kyoushi was the character designs, usually A-1 makes a lot of good character designs (like Fairy Tail, Gate, Nanatsu no Taizai) but I just wasn’t feeling this one. 90% of the time the characters didn’t even have a nose. The animation was really choppy throughout the entire show. And the fact that characters in the second half of the anime would only show up for their specific arc,  but after that they would disappear and you would never hear from them again. The stories that surrounded the students were somewhat interesting but they weren’t that great. Honestly the anime should’ve ended with just the first 12 episodes so that A-1 could have the time to develop the second half a little but more, and release it at a later date.

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