Fairy Tail (2014) [9/10]

After a VERY LONG HIATUS, Fairy returns with new character designs and animation by   A-1 Pictures and I couldn’t be happier! The story continues where the hiatus left off, And it would go through 3 or 4 arcs (spanning about 102 episodes). No complaints really from the animation and the characters because they’re great like always :D. If anything I would have to take a point off of the score because of the Celestial Spirit Arc that wasn’t in the manga. I’m sure it was needed because the anime was getting close to the current story line of the Manga but that specific arc was so bad, it almost made me give up on Fairy Tail D:. At the end of episode 102 Hints at a possible continuation of the story and possibly the return of Fairy Tail! I’ll will pray night and day for the time there is more Fairy Tail to watch! Nothing has been confirmed yet but hopefully we get something soon!

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