Gangsta [10/10]

Damn just good anime back to back, Gangsta was definitely the most anticipated anime of the Summer 2015 season, everyone was talking about how the manga was so good (and it is, trust me) with it’s diverse collection of characters and it’s deep/dark story. We see the city of Ergastalum through the eyes of Nicolas and Worick two “handymen” that make a living off of doing a lot of “dirty” work. Ergastalum is a place that’s known for it’s population of “Twilights”, humans with enhanced abilities though the use of a special type of drug. The entire story contains a lot of gore and sexual things so if that’s not your cup of tea, then I suggest looking elsewhere. I really enjoyed Gangsta, the story was definitely some unchartered waters and it took me by surprise. The hype was real on tumblr to I decided to give it a look and man I got so hooked after episode one that I actually went ahead and read the manga XD I got really far ahead but then decided against continuing because it would’ve ruin the anime for me. The character development for Gangsta is completely insane, it’s so good it has back story for the actual story you feel? As you watch you slowly comes to understand what twilights are and how they were treated in society and how that changes over time. That really hits in the feels when you get into the relationship between Nicolas and Worick. I’m really digging the character designs, they just feel really good. If i had any complaints it would bet that the CLIFFHANGER ON EPISODE 12 WAS TOO REAL AND WE NEED SEASON TWO OR I’M GOING TO ANIMATE IT MYSELF.

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