Hibike! Euphonium [10/10]

Well what can I say? KyoAni really outdid themselves with Hibike! Euphonium. KyoAni has already been known to animate very beautiful scenery like in Hyouka, and develop great characters like in K-on! But honestly Hibike! Euphonium blew all of those out of the water! The amount of detail that was in the show just blew me away, like when the characters would clean their mouth pieces under the sink after practice. Those scene could literally be mistaken for a Makoto Shinkai film. Another aspect that I loved about Hibike! Euphonium was the progression of the band. In episode 1 you can see them preform in front of the school as a way to get more new members, and they sounded horrible, you can hear that the instruments were our of tune and the playing wasn’t together at all. This also happens when they would practice as a band and Taki-sensei would point out the mistakes that made the music sound “off”. But by the last episode the sound is very crisp and clean and almost even hypnotizes you. The last episode ended on “good notes”, and a second season has already been annouced so MUCH HYPE FOR HIBIGAY SEASON 2!!! Overall Hibike! Euphonium is one of my favorites of the Spring Season and I hope KyoAni continues to deliver more high quality master pieces in the near future!

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