Hidan no Aria AA [7/10]

When Hidan no Aria AA first came out I thought it was the dumbest thing, Here I was super excited about season 2 and more Kinji x Aria, BUT INSTEAD I got a cheesy generic knock off with the story revolving around another character. Although I did hate it at first the anime really grew on me as the story progressed. One of the things that I really like about the story is the little harem that Akari has going around her, it’s pretty entertaining to see the different kinds of schemes the girls come up with to try and get Akari for themselves XD. Story wasn’t too bad either once you get to Akari’s back story and learn of her origin, she’s not just any weak protag! The story isn’t bad and the artwork isn’t bad either, BUT what really dropped it to 7/10 was the ending. It was so half-hearted that there was not real emotional relief, The story did a great job of building up and the climax with everyone working together to defeat the main villain in the series….but it just happens so quick that there’s no satisfaction after the battle, it’s like “Oh…it’s over?”. Really wished the ending had a little more punch to it,

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