Himouto Umaru-chan! [10/10]

I was super late on the Himouto train, but I got caught up and just fell in love with this anime. It’s just so much fun to watch! Our Main character Umaru-chan is the perfect girl: straight A’s, pretty face, nice figure, kind, and a great athlete. That is, until she gets home, once Umaru steps through those doors she a completely different person: a bump to the core, she reads manga, watches anime, chugs cola, takes long naps, and has the occasional visit to the gaming arcade. The comedy is on point, the fact that they also parody so many anime and games in the show, like NGE XD, really crack me up! The character designs are just really fantastic and pleasing to look at. Also EBINA-CHAN IS AN ANGEL NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS XD. Umaru really reminds of my friend Jess, but with Jess, instead of anime and manga it’s pokemon XD. I’m really hoping for a season 2 not only because I want more of the characters, but also throughout the season there were hints about the history between Taihei and Umaru, and it seems very interesting. I wanna know the true relationship between the two and how they got so close. Hopefully season 2 comes soon and gives us some more backstory!!

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